One of the best decisions of my life was when I decided to leave the corporate world for my passion to create and my love to design interior spaces. Building strong relationships with my clients is an integral part of redesigning your home.  As my client, you will learn to embrace the journey of change and have fun with the process.
 It is my role as your designer to help guide, expand & achieve the design of your dreams. My focus will be to listen to your wants, needs, likes/dislikes and to create a space that exceeds your expectations. Your home will then be transformed and uniquely yours. I look forward to the opportunity to take you on this journey of change & colorful transformations.
 I specialize in high end redesign in residential interiors. Each space is special to me including the existing condition and then followed by the transformation. I believe that each of us goes thru an internal process when a change in our environment occurs. Those are the moments we take together to create Colorful Transformations.
 My ideal client would be the person that is able to embrace change even when fears arises, to trust me in assisting them in making big investment and design decisions, to understand this is a process that can feel like a roller coaster which would ultimately require trust between each-other. And most importantly to have fun and stay excited thru this process.


We are a close-knit team of passionate designers. Though we each bring unique expertise to the team, all big design decisions are made collectively, to ensure we get it right first time.